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February 5, 2016
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Presentation is key. There’s no getting around it - how you organize and present your information is as important, and maybe even more important, than the content itself. This was the major takeaway at today’s Innovation Challenge of creating a poster for an
innovative household product.

My team spent the first thirty minutes of the challenge brainstorming and developing our product - always a mistake because this typically leads to a sloppy and rushed final product. We should have just went with one of our original ideas in the first 15 minutes and ran with it so that we could have had enough time to efficiently develop and present that idea as clearly and creatively as possible. Although the quality of the poster presentation wasn’t noted as part of the judging criteria, it’s well known that we as humans are just naturally more drawn to what’s aesthetically pleasing and clearly organized.

So while my team’s idea was perhaps as innovative and creative as that of the winners’ their poster was much superior than ours and ultimately perhaps that’s why they won. You could tell that they spent a lot of time on the poster as it was very neat and well drawn and extremely well thought out. Everything complimented each other on the poster and it resulted in a presentation that was incredibly clear and easy to follow - obviously a key in any presentation especially in this one, which didn’t allow for a talking pitch.

It’s important then that we take this lesson back to everyday life. I can write a paper that has some awesome, original perspectives and ideas in it but if I don’t communicate that clearly and instead submit the paper, as it is -underdeveloped and unorganized - then I probably won’t do well. Similarly if I’m in an interview for a job, that interview is probably more important than my credentials for that job. What I’m really doing is presenting myself - and I should put as much time and effort into making my presentation as unique and professional as possible. For ultimately it doesn’t matter how qualified you are or how great your ideas are, if your presentation is weak then your results likely will be as well.

Winning Reflection - Daniel Baran

  • May 7th, 12:34am

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