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February 18, 2016
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Think big. The most influential ideas are those that think biggest. We live in a society that craves those big, ambitious ideas. We translate this mentality to cultivate dreams, and goals and lifestyles that emphasize this larger way of thinking. Today at the Innovation Challenge, my team - conveniently named the Dream Team - thought big and it sure it did pay out as big as well.

When we were brainstorming for ideas to entrepreneurially increase revenues at SLU we went straight for the big ideas. We wanted something transformational, but the ideas didn’t come right away. If you want to be revolutionary, you also have to be patient. Fortunately for us that patience paid off as finally we came through with a revenue-generating idea that we were satisfied with - creating a SLU football team.

It just made so much sense. The Rams just left town creating a gaping professional sports hole that SLU (like it does with it’s basketball team) is perfectly positioned to fill. No competition and high demand typically translates to big time revenues. This was our thought process and we were lucky enough to have the judge agree with us. There were other ideas that might have been more feasible, but they were small scale, small revenue ideas. Ours was a big idea that would be quite the project to implement, but worth it because of the huge dividends that it would pay in big revenue.

So how does this relate to everyday life? Pretty simple - dream those big dreams and go for them. In class go for that seemingly unachievable 4.0 and see what happens. Upon graduating, apply for that dream job even if it might seem like you’re under qualified for the position. Make those big moves and be patient for the results to come in. Think big. Win big.

Winning Reflection - Dan Baran

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