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March 17, 2016
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Maximizing time - no matter the circumstance or your own confidence in what you’re doing should always be a no brainer. During the Election Day Innovation Challenge unfortunately that was not the case. Normally my team and I are always working up until the last minute, frantically using every little bit of time to perfect our proposal or design. However day that was not the case and ultimately, it lead to our downfall.

Our idea was to make elections on weekend so that voters would have more time to actually vote because they didn’t have to work and thus increase voter turnout. It works in Europe where they have national holidays for elections and it just seemed like such a good idea - very simple, straightforward and easy to implement. So we just brushed up on the presentation a little bit and threw a few bullet points on the poster and were ready to go. We finished with probably a good 20 minutes to spare. We didn’t maximize our time.

We found out afterwards that we didn’t win because the judges were concerned that people still worked on weekends and they wouldn’t be able to vote and so voter turnout wouldn’t change much. While some of that is true, we didn’t bother to take it into account during our presentation. Although we had 90 seconds we finished everything we had to say in about 70 seconds or so - we just thought we didn’t need to add much more. In short we hadn’t maximized our time.

Had we instead maximized our time by taking the time, both while prepping for the presentation and during the presentation itself, to address this issue we might have won. All we needed to say was “of course there are still workers who work on weekends but not nearlily as many as those who work during the week and so voter turnout would still be increased.” Perhaps this would have dispelled their concerns and we would’ve won. Regardless it couldn’t have hurt as we had time to spare still in both preparation and actual presentation.

Outside of the innovation challenge we should keep this in mind in the classroom, in the workforce and just in everyday free time. Putting in that extra work for a paper, or prep time for an interview definitely can’t hurt. If anything, that’s something the innovation challenge proved today.

Winning Reflection - Dan Baran

  • May 26th, 8:37am

    thanks, it was useful...
  • May 9th, 11:05pm

    Don't you think, it's better to have an election on weekends rather than weekdays. Though some people will be working on the weekends but still that number will be smaller than weekdays working, American elections should do that in all kind of election.

    Thanks for sharing Voting system challenge. The blog's articles are alway thoughtful.
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