Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University

Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University

"Leaders need to have that entrepreneurial mindset," said Sridhar Condoor, Ph.D, professor in mechanical engineering.

Condoor educates engineers to have the entrepreneurial spirit and strong business sense. “Most engineering students don’t have a business sense. We are working to incorporate entrepreneurship into all course work at the college,” said Condoor. To be an entrepreneur, students must possess four major aspects: technical competency, an understanding of customer needs, a sense of business and societal values.

The Kern Family Foundation, who seeks to enrich the lives of others by promoting strong pastoral leadership, educational excellence, and high quality, entrepreneurially minded engineering talent, supports Condoor and the University’s efforts to educate future engineering entrepreneurs. SLU is one of the select institutions of the Foundation’s Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN). SLU’s John Cook School of Business is partnering with Parks College to educate these future leaders.

The Coleman Foundation, which funds educational institutions offering entrepreneurship education throughout the United States, also assists SLU with its entrepreneurship education efforts. At SLU, the mission of the entrepreneurship program is to deliver and develop world-class entrepreneurship education for all. Parks College is uniquely positioned to fulfill this mission, forming future leaders with the technical and business knowledge to make an impact on the world.

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