The Elevator Pitch Challenge

elevator pitch


  • MARY JENNERJOHN, Junior, Aerospace Engineering Major
  • EMILY GREGOR, Junior, Political Science & Psychology Major
  • KARLA HUNT, Junior, Investigative Medicine Major


Students were given the following challenge: promoting a healthy SLU campus by adding a healthy breakfast to the students’ diets. They were to find different ways to do this, create a plan and sell that idea to the SLU community. They had 40 minutes to work on their ideas and 20 minutes to pitch.


The Elevator Pitch Challenge teaches the students to effectively collaborate in a team setting, construct and effectively communicate a customer appropriate value proposition and demonstrate social responsibility. The main purpose of an elevator pitch is to gain interest for a business, product, or idea. Most people, especially the ones you want to tell about your product or business are busy and do not want to give you any time out of their day. The elevator pitch allows you to tell your idea quickly and gain their interest without interrupting their day. Elevator pitches are important when trying to sell your product or business.


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