The Gmail Challenge

Gmail Challenge


  • GINNY FOSTER, Senior, Electrical Engineering Major
  • NICK HASSALL, Senior, Aerospace Engineering Major
  • JAIME BURGOS, Junior, Mechanical Engineering Major


So much of our important communication heavily relies on email. Gmail is one of the most used email platforms and also has many features associated with it. Students were given forty minutes to develop your improvements to Gmail, then were asked to present their ideas to judges who determined the winning team.


The Gmail Challenge teaches the students to effectively collaborate in a team setting, construct & effectively communicate a customer “appropriate value proposition” and effectively manage projects through appropriate commercialization or final delivery process. Gmail focus a lot of their time and effort on their user experience, or how the user interacts with their program. A good product or service needs to be easy to use and extremely functional and Google re-works their products until they are as close to perfection as possible.


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