The Minute to Win It Challenge



  • Matt Palka, Finance/Accounting
  • Megan Danzo, Biochemistry
  • Camilo Rivera, Electrical Engineering´╗┐


Students competed in four, one minute challenges. The team with the most points won.
  • Challenge 1: A Bit Dicey: Prior to the start time, a student had to place a single popsicle stick in his/her mouth. When the time started, he/she then had to stack 6 dice, one on top of the other on a popsicle stick and hold it for one minute.
  • Challenge 2: Don’ Blow the Joker: A stack of deck of cards with a joker face up on the bottom was placed on the mouth of a glass bottle. A student had to blow all of the cards off the stack, leaving only the joker atop the bottle within one minute.
  • Challenge 3: Defying Gravity: When the clock started, one student had to release three balloons in the air and keep the balloons off the ground for one minute.
  • Challenge 4: Movin’ on Up: 39 red cups were stacked with one marked cup on the bottom. When the clock started, a student had to grab a single cup from the top of the stack and place it on the bottom of the stack. The student was allowed to use only one hand to grab each cup and had to alternate hands with each cup. The red cup had to be placed on the bottom after traveling through the stack within one minute.


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