Lieutenant Colonel Aaron B. Dyke´╗┐

Lieutenant Colonel Aaron B. Dyke

Commander / Dept. Chair of Aerospace Studies

Lt. Col. Aaron B. Dyke is the Commander of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps, Detachment 207. He is responsible for recruiting, training, and educating officer candidates from 9 universities in 2 states centered at St. Louis University, and manages over $2M of scholarship, subsistence, and recruiting funds.

Lt. Col. Dyke received his commission from the Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Colorado in May, 1993. As a career space and missile operator, he was certified mission ready in the Minuteman III ICBM and Ultrahigh Frequency Follow-On satellite systems, as an Air Force Launch Director for the Minotaur I and IV rockets, and was an operational tester for the Delta IV rocket. He has served as an instructor, an evaluator, flight commander, operations officer, and on the MAJCOM and Numbered Air Force staff. Prior to arriving at Detachment 207, Lt Col Dyke was the Chief of Current Operations for the 14th Air Force Commander, responsible for the deployment, employment, modernization, and sustainment of 18 space and ground systems providing space superiority, strategic missile warning, satellite network operations, and assured access to space.

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Captain Michael A. Lee


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