Air Force ROTC Courses

Course Descriptions


Description: AS 100 is a survey course designed to introduce cadets to the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Featured topics include: mission and organization of the Air Force, officership and professionalism, military customs and courtesies, Air Force officer opportunities, and an introduction to communication skills. Leadership Laboratory is mandatory for AFROTC cadets and complements this course by providing cadets with followership experiences.



A course designed to examine the general aspects of air and space power through a historical perspective, AS200 covers a time period from the first balloons and dirigibles to the space-age systems of the Global War on Terror. Historical examples are provided to extrapolate the development of Air Force distinctive capabilities, and missions to demonstrate the evolution of what has become today’s USAF air and space power. The course examines several fundamental truths associated with war in the third dimension (e.g., Principles of War and Tenets of Air and Space Power).



This course is designed to give the future Air Force Officer basic skills in recognizing and thinking about leadership strategies. AS 300 is a study of leadership, management fundamentals, professional knowledge, Air Force personnel and evaluation systems, leadership ethics, and communication skills required of an Air Force junior officer. A mandatory Leadership Laboratory complements this course by providing advanced leadership experiences in officer-type activities, giving students the opportunity to apply leadership and management principles of this course.



This course examines the national security process, regional studies, advanced leadership ethics, and Air Force doctrine. Special topics of interest focus on the military as a profession, officership, military justice, civilian control of the military, preparation for active duty, and current issues affecting military professionalism. Within this structure, continued emphasis is given to refining communication skills. The mandatory Leadership Laboratory compliments this course by providing advanced leadership experiences, giving students the opportunity to apply the leadership and management principles of this course.


Leadership Lab (LLAB)

While your academic classes (AS100-400) will provide you with the educational background you will need to begin your career as an Air Force Officer, LLAB is used to provide you with the some of the military training necessary to effectively serve. If you are freshmen then you are enrolled in Initial Military Training (IMT). If you are a sophomore then you are enrolled in the Field Training Preparation (FTP)-more typically called General Military Course (GMC)- LLAB will be a place where you learn how to wear the uniform, practice drill, and prepare for Field Training prior to entering the Professional Officer Course (POC). Most of your military training will be conducted by members of the POC who have stood in your position over the last couple of years.