Illinois State Tuition Waiver (ISTW)

Fact Sheet for Air Force ROTC Cadets


  • ISTW is an Illinois state-funded tuition waiver for ROTC programs at state schools in Illinois.
  • The ISTW is not a federal Air Force ROTC scholar- ship.
  • Always consult the SIUE financial aid office for details of your financial obligations as a student at SIUE.
  • At Air Force ROTC Detachment 207, the ISTW is only available to students attending SIUE.
  • Cadets nominated by Air Force ROTC Det 207 for the ISTW program incur NO military obligation by virtue of their acceptance of the Illinois State Tuition Waver.
  • Nominations for the ISTW at SIUE are offered on a case by case basis to attract the most promising college students into the Air Force ROTC program. Detachment 207 reserves the right to terminate ISTW for students whose performance does not merit continuance in the ISTW program, or for students who become disqualified for commissioning in the U.S. Air Force. Students whose nominations are removed may or may not be authorized to continue on the ISTW for the remainder of the current semester. This will be determined by the detachment commander on a case by case basis.
  • The commander also reserves the right to revoke ISTW funding from a student from a previous semester if it is determined that the student did not meet requirements of the program and was in poor standing. If that is the case, it would be the student’s responsibility to repay the university those funds.

Eligibility for consideration

High School or College Applicant Must:

  • Be an Illinois State Residents
  • Enroll in and attend AFROTC classes through SIUE starting the semester for which the ISTW is offered.
  • Attend as full-time undergraduate student at SIUE (at least 12 semester hours). ISTW does not apply to summer sessions. May have to be interviewed by Det 207’s Commander or the Unit Admissions Officer
  • Must not have a criminal record of felonious conduct, violent behavior, prison time, substance abuse, or DUI/DWI
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative high school GPA (if applying as a freshman) or a minimum 2.0 cum. college GPA
  • Must have a minimum ACT of 24 or SAT 1100. ACT can be waived down to 20 and SAT down to 940

Requirements for Maintaining the ISTW

Current cadets on ISTW:

  • Must maintain Illinois state residency and full time student status at SIUE
  • Must be enrolled in the appropriate level of Aerospace Studies as a qualified Cadet in AFROTC
  • Will pay 25% of their tuition to hold enrolled courses each semester, money will be refunded after ISTW enacted
  • Remain a cadet in good standing, and not bring discredit upon the US Air Force or AFROTC Det 207
  • Work with your assigned NCO and APAS instructor to ensure your cadet record is up to date in all respects

First year requirements (in addition to above):

  • Take and pass the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Meet AFROTC Height & Weight Standards
  • Schedule initial term counseling with academic instructor Cadet Record must be established with Detachment NCO

Second year requirements (in addition to above):

  • Passed the PFA
  • Maintain above a 2.0 cumulative (and term) GPA, meet AFROTC height and weight standards
  • Not receive a D or F in any AS course, nor receive an F or equivalent grade in any college core course Compete favorably for POC enrollment allocation during spring of sophomore year
  • Provide an approved academic plan (Form 48) with a firm Date of Graduation (DoG)

Third year requirements (in addition to above):

  • Student has been deemed medically qualified for military service by a DODMERB physical exam.

Fourth year requirements (in addition to above):

  • POC cadets (in addition to above)
  • Pass the AFOQT

Applications should be discussed by contacting the Unit Admissions Officer. Information is current as of Jun 2012 and remains subject to change.