Medical Program for Air Force ROTC Cadets

Pre-Health Cadet

Each year HQ AFROTC identifies members to enter their Pre-Health program. These cadets are guaranteed an Air Force scholarship if they are accepted into a medical school or Uniformed Services University of Health Services (USUHS) prior to graduating from their under- graduate program.

Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP)

Cadets selected for the pre-health program should apply for civilian medical schools at the end of their junior year or beginning of their senior year. Cadets who receive an unconditional acceptance letter from an accredited medical school should take a copy
of the letter to their Detachment as soon as possible. The Detachment will forward a copy of that acceptance letter to HQ AFPC/DPAME. When Physician Education/DPAME receives confirmation of selection, they will email a contract and pay package to the appropriate AFROTC Detachment. The Detachment will assist cadets in completing the required forms and return them to Physician Education/DPAME. Cadets going into the AFHPSP program will be commissioned into the line upon completion of their undergraduate degree and will be reappointed into the Medical Service Corps the next day.

USUHS will notify HQ AFPC/DPAME of Pre-Health cadets selected to attend USUHS. HQ AFPC/DPAME will send the appropriate detachment a contract package to be completed by the cadet. The Detachment will ensure the contract package is complete and returned to DPAME by the established suspense date. Detachments will commission these individuals into the line of the Air Force upon completion of their undergraduate degree and reappoint them into the Medical Service Corps the next day. HQ AFPC/DPAMF2 will initiate appointment orders to include orders to enter active duty for medical school training.

Pre-health cadets not accepted into an accredited medical school prior to graduation have two options. They enter active duty as a line officer or apply for an educational delay. For more information on these options, cadets should contact the AFPC Educational Delay program manager at 210 565- 4191.

Steps to be completed on ROTC Pre-Health Cadets:

  1. Cadet gets accepted into the pre-health program during the senoir year
  2. Cadet gets accepted to an accredited medical school or USUHS
  3. Cadet takes acceptance letter to AFROTC Detachment
  4. Detachment forwards letter to HQ AFPC/DPAME
  5. DPAME emails contract/pay package to Detachment
  6. Cadet completes paperwork and returns it to Detachment
  7. Detachment sends completed contract/pay package and copy of commissioning physical to HQ AFPC/DPAME
  8. Detachment commissions cadet into the line of the Air Force upon graduation Detachments reappoint cadets into the Medical Service Corps the day after commission/graduation date

For more information please contact: the Physicians Education Branch:

Physician Education Branch
550 C St West, Suite 25 Randolph AFR, TX 78150-4727
COMM: 210-565-2638
Toll Free: 1-800-531-5800 DSN: 565-2638
FAX: 210-565-2830