Nicholas Hassall

Chris Dold

Tim Kelley

Alex D’Amico

Pat Riordan

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Project Objective

To design an affordable, humanitarian response aircraft system that can provide aid to the populations of both developed and under-developed nations worldwide when natural disasters occur.


The design of a Humanitarian Response Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (HR-UAV) was prepared for the fulfillment of the American Institution of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) HR-UAV Design Competition.  The biggest constraints of the Request for Proposal included taking off and landing in less than 500 feet ground roll at the remote resupply area as well as fitting inside the cargo bay of a C-130J-30 having the dimensions of 55 feet long by 9 feet tall by 10 feet wide. A configuration utilizing a tractor engine, high-mounted rectangular wing, twin-boom mounted horizontal stabilizer and vertical fins, and a fixed landing gear was designed.  An NACA 6412 with fixed slats and a junker flap high lift device are used to achieve the lift required for takeoff. The wing has a 35 foot span and 5.9 foot chord length. These wings are removable with the fuel and electrical lines being easily connected. The aircraft has a powerhouse of a 950 SHP Pratt and Whitney PT6A-62 turboprop engine which weighs 475 pounds, measures 70.5 inches long, 19 inches in diameter, and has an estimated cost of $420,000. The aircraft utilizes a Jet Assisted Take-Off consisting of two Aerotech N2000W rockets to be used to complete the 500 foot ground roll constraint. These rockets each weight 27 pounds, have a length of 41 inches and cost $800 each. Together, these rockets provide an additional average thrust of 430 pounds and allow the aircraft to takeoff in 460 feet. A fixed landing gear using spring steel is implemented to absorb shock that will surely occur during a rough landing. In the aircraft’s final configuration, it is estimated to weigh in at 6600 pounds and cost around $1,500,000 assuming 100 aircraft are purchased.