Large Cabin Business Jet

Large Cabin Business Jet


Andrew Glock

Miranda Turlin

Peter Hasser

Tim Janczewski

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Background and Introduction:

An expanding global economy has led to the need for businesses to ferry their agents to destinations, which may lack the infrastructure found at larger airports. The ability of an aircraft to utilize smaller airports will greatly decrease travel time and increase productivity. Making use of these previously unavailable airports leads to more plentiful business opportunities because clients in more locations are readily accessible than ever before.  A modern business jet design utilizing the latest technology will help corporations to keep up with the pace business in the 21st century.

Project objectives:

Aircraft Co. is looking to offer an aircraft design that is easily marketable to corporate clients, and therefore should be both comfortable and meet the performance requirements. Our customers will utilize this aircraft for long international flights, so range will be an important factor but must be balanced against efficiency on shorter missions. In addition, clients are looking for an aircraft that is able to fly out of traditional business hubs, and therefore should meet most business airfield constraints. This will lead to limits in take-off and landing distance as well as take-off weight.  The design team should consider non-traditional design approaches and configurations.

Proposal Requirements

A subsonic, large cabin business jet will be designed with to complete a 7,300 NM cruise trip taking off from a 7,000 foot long runway carrying a payload of 3750 lbs. which corresponds to 15 occupants at 200 lbs. plus 50 lbs. baggage a piece. The mission should be performed flying at Mach number and altitude for best range.

  • Subsonic large cabin business jet
  • 7300 NM flight taking off from a 7,000 foot runway.
  • Payload consisting of 3750 lb.
  • 5 crew and 10 passengers at 200 lbs. each plus 50 lbs. baggage per person.
  • Flight should be performed at the subsonic Mach number for best range.