Parks Formula SAE Car

Parks Formula SAE Car


James Dieckhaus

Wesley Gibbs

Chad Carmichael

Yi Tian

Liath Quaisi

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Project Overview

The Formula SAE competition requires a team of university undergraduate students to design, develop, fabricate a small formula style racecar. The competition’s objective is that the team works for a fictitious design firm and has to design, build, test, and market the racecar to the non-professional, competitive weekend racer. There are specific building and safety constraints for the racecar, but the company has given the team ultimate design flexibility to express creativity and imagination. Every racecar is built from scratch and is expected to have high performance standards in acceleration, braking, and handling, as well as adhere to all the rules and regulations set forth by the FSAE competition.

The 2012 Parks Racing Formula SAE racecar project was undertaken by a team of five seniors with some automotive background as a capstone project. Given that a car started from scratch and needed to be designed, built and tested in under a year, the primary focus was to design in terms of performance, functionality and manufacturability. Performance criteria that were focused on were that parts and systems should be streamlined for simplicity, efficiency and weight in order to be competitive. Functionality designs were geared towards safety, robustness, reliability, and ergonomics. Manufacturability designs focused on lower cost without compromising strength and quality using readily available materials such as steel, aluminum and fiberglass.