Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate

Restricted ATP Rule

Effective August 1, 2014, all airline pilots in the U.S. are required to hold an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) Certificate. To obtain this certificate, applicants must have at least 1,500 flight hours, 200 cross-country hours, completed instrument rating and have a commercial certificate. Graduates from an approved collegiate flight training program may receive reductions from the 1,500 hours based on the approved curriculum for that program. For more information, you can view the regulation on the FAA website

Reduced ATP Minimums

Saint Louis University has been granted approval to provide a transcript endorsement certifying graduates for a 250 hour or 500 hour reduction towards the ATP Certificate for the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree with a concentration in Flight Science or Aviation Management. For students to qualify for this reduction, they must complete 30 credits of approved coursework to be eligible for the 250 hour reduction, or complete 60 credits of approved coursework to be eligible for the 500 hour reduction. Learn more about the FAA approved curriculum.


Students who graduate from Saint Louis University, under the Institutional Authority Program, are eligible for a transcript endorsement leading to a restricted ATP Certificate with either 1,000 or 1,250 hours of flight experience depending on the number of approved credit hours completed. Students who graduate from unapproved institutions require 1,500 hours of flight experience prior to ATP certification. This also allows students to qualify for the ATP certification at the age of 21 instead of having to wait until they are 23. 


To obtain a certifying transcript endorsement, students must submit the Reduced ATP Minimums application. Once the application is received, the following information will be verified:

  • The applicant’s graduation from Saint Louis University’s Parks College with a concentration in Aviation Management or Flight Science.
  • The applicant’s accumulation of approved credits in approved courses.
  • The applicant’s completion of the Commercial/Instrument certification at Parks College.

If approved, a certifying endorsement will be applied to your transcript consistent with Saint Louis University’s letter of authorization. (Please allow at least 2 - 3 weeks for processing)

Students will need to request an official transcript to include with the FAA Form 8710-1 when taking the Airline Transport - Restricted practical test. 


Visit our FAQ page for more answers about qualifying for the reduced ATP minimums.