Aviation Management Concentration Careers

Discover potential career paths with an aviation management concentration from Parks College.

Upon graduating with an aviation management degree from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students have the distinct advantage of being able to speak intelligently about industry topics and share aviation-specific expertise, and also are engrained with the principles of successful business practices.

SLU’s Parks College is also the only Jesuit institution to offer an aviation management concentration or feature a flight school experience.

Traditional Management Positions In Airports

Airport Manager - Airport managers are responsible for the overarching airline operations at a given airport. This position widely ranges in scope from small, rural airports to major metropolitan areas with a constant stream of domestic and international flights. The aviation management degree from Parks College endows you with the leadership skill and industry insight to have success no matter what the scope. This career usually has you working with either private airport owners or municipal governments.

Human Resources Manager - This type of professional specializes in working with aviation personnel and resolving employee issues. The Parks College aviation management degree allows students to have the industry know-how and business background to succeed in a variety of aviation-specific challenges with employees.

Airport Operations Manager - This aviation position ensures safe take off and landing for all planes using a particular airport. This job often serves as the connection between air traffic control and maintenance staff on site.

Other Career Paths To Explore With An Aviation Management Concentration

Air Traffic Controllers - This can be a minor for students enrolled in the aviation management concentration and really helps to diversify students’ skill sets and overall understanding of how an airport operates, allowing them to start a career in a wide variety of aviation jobs.

Aviation Faculty - If you love learning and teaching aviation, you can always choose to pass on your knowledge of aviation to future generations.

Typical Employers Of Aviation Management Careers

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airports
  • Aviation system planning firms
  • Aviation-related small businesses
  • Flight schools
  • Higher education institutions
  • Many more

Attend Parks College For Aviation Management

Parks College graduates are distinguished for being able to speak the pilot’s language while also having a sound business foundation. Apply today to start making your aviation degree dreams come true.