Flight Science Concentration Careers

Explore The Different Career Paths Available To Parks College Flight Science Concentration Graduates

Students who graduate from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology with an aeronautics degree have a slew of exciting career paths to choose from. Here are just a few of the options graduates have.

Jobs With A Flight Science Concentration

Commercial Pilots - These sought-after jobs are one of the most common careers for graduates with an aviation science degree. The job description (in addition to piloting aircrafts) includes planning flight routes, communicating with air traffic controllers and ensuring safety during the flight. The two most-common career paths for pilots are:

  • ATP Pilots – This career involves piloting the large passenger aircrafts that operate on traditional schedule flight operations.  
  • Corporate and Charter Pilots - This type of commercial pilot traditionally flies smaller planes such as corporate aircraft shorter distances. These flights occur on a as needed basis, which is contrary to the ATP pilot schedule.

Aviation Professors - This is a popular career goal for flight school students who are passionate about planes as well as teaching aviation. This career often requires students to receive master’s and doctorate-level degrees in aviation.

Air Traffic Controllers - These important aviation professionals make sure planes are guided safely prior to takeoff or after they land. They are tasked with critical communication duties in case of emergencies, analyzing weather reports, sequencing arrivals and departures and many other responsibilities.

Flight Instructors - Undergraduates in flight science have the option to become a certified flight instructor during their senior year. This is a great skill for students to have and helps with mastery of the skills taught earlier the flight program.

Take The First Step Toward A Career In Aviation Science

Parks College is an education leader in aviation science. Since 1927, graduates who obtain this degree go on to become leaders in the industry. Become part of the Parks College legacy by applying today.