Aviation Science Programs of Study

The aviation science department offers a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree with concentrations in flight and on the business side of aviation.


In addition to providing students with a full repertoire of foundational and advanced courses in flight science and aviation management, the required curriculum in Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology’s aviation concentrations ensures the breadth of your undergraduate experience with the traditional SLU core and additional credits of earned electives.

Choosing the Right Aviation Concentration

The Department of Aviation Science offers students two different aviation concentrations: aviation management and flight science. Both aviation concentrations allow students to receive an aviation-centric education while still enjoying and being an active part of a traditional university setting. This aspect of Parks College allows for graduates to become well-rounded professionals, who develop into leaders within their specific area of interest in the airline industry.

B.S. in Aeronautics, with a Concentration in Aviation Management

An aviation management concentration is for those students who are interested in aviation as well as business and working in management positions. The coursework for this aviation degree is meant to give students a strong understanding of business administration, as well as skills and knowledge specific to the aviation industry. Graduates of this aviation degree program often go on to hold management/leadership positions with airlines or are in charge of corporate flight offices.

Although this aviation concentration is less flight focused than the flight science program, students in this program can still earn a Commercial Pilot Certificate (or license) with a multi engine rating by completing a flight science minor.

B.S. in Aeronautics, with a Concentration in Flight Science

You want to pursue a flight science concentration if you are looking for a career as a pilot. Whether you want to be an airline pilot (or air transport pilot), commercial pilot or take your skills into one of the many military positions available in the coming years, our faculty and staff know how to train not only pilots, but develop leaders who are ready to excel in a variety of flight scenarios.

Pilots have been trained here since 1927, and Parks College is the first federally certified flight school in the nation, and is currently the only Jesuit University with a flight school in the nation.

Global Aviation Degree Program

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in the global aviation degree program, which allows students to learn international flight standards at SLU’s campus in Madrid, Spain. SLU’s program is just one of the unique opportunities available to students. We develop innovative curriculum opportunities like this one to ensure our students are well-rounded and prepared to be leaders in the global aviation industry.

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