B.S. in Aeronautics, with a Concentration in Flight Science

Students receive a well-rounded, learner-centric flight education in Parks College aviation science degree programs.


A Premier Flight Institution

Saint Louis University is the only Jesuit University with an aviation science program. This is the premier institution to learn the technical specifications of becoming a pilot as well as develop as a leader.

Students not only learn how to be proficient in the practice of a particular skill such as flying, but also to be formed so as to make ethical decisions and to contribute toward the advancement of one’s personal and professional goals.

The flight portion of the B.S. in Aeronautics, with a Flight Science concentration is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Part 141, FAA-approved certificate NI1S349K.  Graduates of our aviation science degree program will earn the following FAA certificates and ratings:  private pilot certificate, instrument rating, and commercial pilot certificate with single and multi-engine ratings.  Additionally, students enrolled in the Flight Education minor, with courses offered under FAA Part 61, can earn the Certified Flight Instructor certificate and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Certified Flight Instructor Multi-Engine ratings.

Minor Opportunities in Flight Education and Air Traffic Control

Students of the flight science program will have the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art learner-centric instruction; be trained in a performance-based flight instruction environment; and earn one-year’s actual flight instruction experience prior to graduation or a minor in a variety of other disciplines.  

Flight science students have the opportunity to enroll in an Air Traffic Control minor utilizing state-of-the art simulation and instruction from practicing professional air traffic controllers.

The B.S. in Aeronautics, with a concentration in Flight Science is accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI). The period of accreditation runs through July 31, 2021.