Online Aviation Degree Programs

New online aviation degree options allow students to obtain bachelor's or master degree's in a flexible format.

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Online Aviation Degrees

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology offers flexible programs so students have the option to pursue aviation degrees online, including a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management or a Master of Science in Aviation.

Online Degrees offered in Aviation

  • B.S. in Aviation Management 
  • M.S. in Aviation

Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management

The online Aviation Management program at SLU’s Parks College provides students with specialized knowledge of the aviation industry and a strong foundation in business administration. The program emphasizes learner-centric education, utilizing problem-based learning. Students demonstrate a deeper understanding of their discipline and develop greater intellectual curiosity, confidence and engagement. This is a proven technique, central to all aviation management courses. Pursuing an aviation management degree online is an ideal option for students looking for a flexible education program.

Students in Saint Louis University’s online Aviation Management concentration take courses from two different academic units at Saint Louis University to fulfill their degree requirements. These academic units are the School for Professional Studies (SPS) and Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. When students first begin the concentration they are considered to be students in the SPS. For approximately the last thirty credit hours in the concentration, the student becomes a Parks College student.

PLEASE NOTE: Students pay the currently effective tuition rate charged by the SPS throughout their entire course of studies in the online Aviation Management concentration. Once the student has matriculated into Parks College, the Parks College Technology Fee is assessed each semester in addition to the normal tuition. The current rate for the Parks College Technology Fee is $310 per semester for full-time students and $155 per semester for part-time students.

For information on how to apply for the online aviation management degree through the School of Professional Studies, Click Here.

Masters of Science in Aviation

Our master’s degree programs online and in Missouri are designed for working professionals wishing to pursue a professional master’s degree while maintaining part or full-time employment. Our online aviation degree master’s courses are offered in online and blended formats, making advanced education more accessible for working professionals.

For information on how to apply for the online aviation degree master’s program, please contact the Graduate Programs office at 314-977-8306 or

Why Choose to Enroll in the Online Degree Options at SLU’s Parks College?

  1. Balance a job while receiving a top-notch aviation education – For potential students looking to maintain a full-time job while completing their coursework, online aviation degrees make sense. SLU’s Parks College’s online courses offer far more flexibility for those who spend the majority of their days working at a traditional day job.
  2. Any place can be your classroom – An online aviation education from Parks College allows students to make their own schedule. Students have the flexibility of studying and reviewing course materials anywhere and anytime that works best in their individual day-to-day demands. This freedom is great for people with time management skills and irregular personal schedules and/or work hours.
  3. Avoiding long distance commutes – If you want a well-respected aviation degree from Parks College (America’s first federally certified flight school) but long-distance commutes can’t fit within your demanding schedule, the aviation management degree online may be the solution you’re looking for.

Attend Parks College Online

Although Parks College was the first federally certified flight school in the nation, the school continuously offers students a cutting-edge education. Apply to Parks College today to become part of the next generation of aviation leaders.