Discovery Flights


What to Expect

Prospective and accepted students of our Flight Science program have the opportunity to join one of our talented flight instructors for a discovery flight. This twenty minute flight in a Diamond DA-20 is a students first introduction to Parks Aviation!

Before taking taking flight, you will take a tour of our airport facilities and meet with your flight instructor for some basic ground training including safety procedures and pre-flight inspection of the Diamond DA-20.

Once the ground portion of the lesson is complete, it is time to take to the skies! This hands-on experience will allow you to fly the aircraft with the assistance of an instructor and get a real taste of flight training at Saint Louis University. Each discovery flight includes a flyby of the St. Louis Gateway Arch and stunning views of downtown St. Louis. 

After landing and returning to the Parks College hangar, flight instructors will be available for any additional questions that may have come to mind during your first discovery flight.

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