Benefits of Small Classes in Aviation

Aviation classes at Parks College are small so students have access to personalized guidance and dedicated professors


Students enrolled in Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology for schooling in aviation enjoy small class sizes and dedicated professors within a larger, traditional university environment. If you’re looking for an aviation school where you can enjoy personal attention from dedicated professors without giving up the atmosphere of a larger university, SLU’s Parks College can deliver that important educational combination.

Key Benefits of Small Aviation Classes Include:

One-On-One Guidance

At SLU’s Parks College aviation department, we offer unique, personal learning experiences. Our aviation courses are small so students have one-on-one attention from professors. In the aviation science department, individual students enjoy personalized guidance from their dedicated professors.

A Sense Of Community

It’s not uncommon for professors to know every student’s name within the aviation science department. Small class sizes allow students to develop close relationships with their professors and classmates, building an outstanding sense of community among the aviation department.

Aviation students and professors share a passion for the field of aviation and they love discussing the topic whenever possible.

Join Parks College’s Close-Knit Aviation Community

Apply today to become part of the aviation tradition at Parks College. Upon receiving their aviation degrees, graduates are known to go on to hold leadership positions in various areas of the airline industry.