Distinguishing Parks College from other Schools of Aviation

From rich heritage to actual flight instruction experience, students have many opportunities in the aviation science department


Designed to Build Leaders

Students who attend Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology are educated to become well-rounded leaders. Compared to students who attend other schools of aviation, Parks College students are more prepared to succeed in the airline industry.

Here’s why: our curriculum and instruction techniques are designed to equip our students with a diverse, adaptable skill set, developed in a hands-on environment. Our aviation students don’t just memorize flight basics; they gain insight about working and leading in the industry.  Key characteristics such as technical proficiency, ethical decision-making, team-building, interpersonal communication, and social responsibility are cultivated at Parks College much more deliberately than the traditional school of aviation setting.

Post-graduate Structured Mentoring Program

We don’t stop at the graduation ceremony! We know that it takes a lot more than a solid undergraduate degree to actually become a leader in the field. Therefore, we are committed to providing a 12-year program (once a year workshop) to our alumni so that they may be specifically prepared for leadership positions.

Actual Flight Instruction Experience

Students who choose the Flight Education minor will have the opportunity to flight instruct for us for an entire year. This is a supervised instruction experience designed to not only prepare better flight instructors, but also to prepare the future Check Airmen and Standards Captains. As a result of this opportunity, our students will graduate with a lot more flight hours.

Learner-Centric Education

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a well-known technique to provide a learner-centric education. Students who learn under the PBL methodology are known to be able to demonstrate deeper understanding of their domain as well as related disciplines, effective communication and teamwork skills, and engage in questions of ethics and social responsibilities. Ultimately, these students develop the intellectual curiosity, confidence, and engagement that will lead to lifelong learning.

Over 80 Years of Leadership in Aviation Education

Parks College was founded on August 1, 1927. Since then, we have educated thousands of men and women who have served the aviation/aerospace industry around the world, made us proud and always looked back at their aviation schooling at Parks College as the place where they earned their wings. New students have the opportunity to benefit from our past laurels and the responsibility to build our future.