Benefits of an Aviation Degree with a Jesuit Foundation

The Parks College Aviation Degree Integrates Jesuit Influences to Prepare Students for Much More Than Flying Planes


An Aviation Degree With A Jesuit Foundation

Tradition is paramount at Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. We’re proud to be the first federally certified flight school and provide aviation degree concentrations that are deeply integrated into the Jesuit influences of the university. The Jesuit ideals of educating the “whole person” and challenging students with high academic standards prepare graduates for success in their careers endeavors and beyond.

At SLU’s Parks College, we don’t just teach the technical knowledge needed to be pilots, we teach our students to be ethical, well-rounded leaders in the industry. Because of our Jesuit roots and values, our graduates are driven to make ethical decisions across a wide range of challenging scenarios when they enter the aviation industry.

Students in the aviation degree program are taught the Jesuit ideal of “doing more.” The dedication to the industry, passion for aviation and outstanding work ethic our students develop over their time at Parks College sets them apart upon graduation. 

We’re proud of the impact our Jesuit tradition has on the success of our aviation degree program graduates. Our students develop an adaptable skill set and a strong sense of ethics as well as the technical knowledge they need to be successful in aviation. Parks College graduates have excellent critical thinking skills so they can solve real-world problems, especially when it comes to the complex ethical decisions aviation professionals face.

Get The Jesuit Advantage At Parks College

At Parks College, our Jesuit-inspired curriculum pushes us to teach our students much more than the technical skills it takes to pilot a plane. We work to ensure our graduates see the bigger picture and use the knowledge they’ve gained in the aviation degree program to have a positive impact on society. Apply today to become part of the tradition.