FAQs About Aviation Concentrations

Have A Few Questions About Parks College? Find Answers Here About Our Aviation Concentrations

Explore some of the frequently asked questions regarding Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology and our aviation concentrations.

What Is The Difference Between Flight Science And Aviation Management?

If you want to fly a plane, flight science is the concentration for you. If you’re interested in a career path related to aviation but do not necessarily want to become a pilot, a concentration in aviation management is a better option. If desired, you can still achieve a private pilot’s license with this degree.

What Jobs Are Available For Aviation Degree Graduates?

There are a huge amount of career paths available to you in both aviation management and aviation science. From pilots to airport managers, if you’re interested in the industry, our aviation degrees are a great way to start your career.

How Does Parks College Stand Out From Other Aviation Schools?

In short, Parks College is more than just an aviation college. It exists among the rest of the SLU campus and students coexist with other people with other academic interests. This is intentional in order to fulfill the Jesuit tradition of educating the “whole person” across a variety of academic laboratory experiences and situated learning opportunities.

How big are classes at Parks College compared to other schools of aviation?

Students enrolled in a Parks College aviation degree concentration enjoy small class sizes and a strong sense of community. Students receive one-on-one attention, personalized guidance and hands-on opportunities that would not be possible in an aviation degree programs at other universities. It’s not uncommon for professors in the Parks College of aviation to know each student by name.

Are There Student Groups Available For Aviation Undergrads?

There are plenty of organizations for students looking to get involved in aviation outside the classroom. Parks College has a strong presence with nationwide aviation student organizations such as the Alpha Eta Rho-Pi Chapter and the Flying Billikens, a precision flight team. Students are also able to join the Women in Aviation (WIA) chapter at Parks College.

How Do I Apply To Parks College?

Applications are submitted through our website. Apply here today to get an aviation degree that will set the groundwork for success in your career.

What is the 1500-hour rule, and how do I have my transcript evaluated in order to qualify to receive the benefit?

A complete explanation of this rule can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration’s official announcement. Learn how it applies to Saint Louis University on our ATP Certificate page.