Biomedical Engineering Department

Biomedical engineering combines the principles of engineering with the science of medicine to address problems affecting the quality of life.

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The Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department at Saint Louis University (SLU) originated in 1997 and quickly developed a strong and successful undergraduate program. This program prepares students for careers ranging from fundamental engineering research to the application of engineering principles to the solution of biomedical design problems.

The students in Biomedical Engineering are among the best at SLU, as demonstrated by their academic achievement, participation in research, and their leadership and service commitment. With approximately equal numbers of males and females, biomedical engineering students represent a diverse population dedicated to the Mission of the University. Recognizing the important role of biomedical engineering in the fulfillment of this Mission, the President and Board of Trustees approved the creation of a graduate program to begin in 2005.

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A Mission to Improve the Quality of Life

The Mission of Saint Louis University’s Biomedical Engineering Department is to prepare students for careers in health care delivery, ranging from fundamental research in science and engineering to the direct application of knowledge to problem solving and improving quality of life for humanity. 

In support of the Mission, the Departmental Faculty participates in scholarly activities, including research, teaching and service, while maintaining a collegial and challenging learning environment for all students. Faculty mentor students at all levels to help them realize their highest potential as professionals and as persons in their development toward careers in industry, academia, and related professions.

Department Chair: Gary Bledsoe, Ph. D.

Staying Connected with Alumni

After graduation, we like to stay in touch with our alumni.  If you are graduate, please take a few moments to rate how our curriculum prepared you for your career.  This information will be used for accreditation purposes and continuous quality improvement. Participation in the survey will help us to make the programs better for current and future students.

For the alumni of Biomedical Engineering, please complete a survey by clicking the following link:  ALUMNI SURVEY