Biomedical Engineering Research Facilities

The Offices and Labs of the Biomedical Engineering Department are located at 3507 Lindell Blvd., directly across the street from McDonnell Douglas Hall. The Biomedical Engineering Building currently includes the following:

Teaching Laboratory 

Over 2000 sq. ft. of teaching space are available within the biomedical engineering building for laboratories associated with courses or senior project. The laboratory is designed as a combined chemistry and biology laboratory, with equipment such as chemical fume hood, biological safety cabinet, pH meter, centrifuge, UV and fluorescence spectrophotometer and refrigerator/freezer. Contact for more information.

Research Laboratories

Core Facilities

Microscopy Facility

Both processing and imaging facilities are available within the Biomedical Engineering building. Both upright and inverted microscopes have fluorescent capability, z-stage controller and digital imaging (Zeiss Microscopes, Cameras and Axiovision Software). In addition, processing facilities include a cryomicrotome, critical point dryer and sputter coater.

Confocal Microscope

A confocal microscope has been funded and a facility set up in Macelwane Hall. Please contact Dr. Susan Spencer or further information about use. 

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

An AFM has been purchased via funds through the National Science Foundation in 2006 and maintenance is funded by usage fees. The AFM has a variety of capabilities and is available alongside an inverted, fluorescent microscope. Please contact Gabriela Espinosa for further information about use.

Tissue Culture Facility

Facilities within the Biomedical Engineering building have BSL 1 or 2 designations and include biological safety cabinets, centrifuges, incubators, -80 freezer, autoclave, dishwasher and icemaker.

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