Interdisciplinary Engineering Major

Interdisciplinary engineers are uniquely prepared for interesting and challenging careers that cross different engineering disciplines.

IMG3699What is Interdisciplinary Engineering?

Broadening the focus and removing departmental boundaries, the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Engineering (BS-IDE) offers a new option and a different approach to the study of engineering. It is based in science, engineering and liberal arts, and is tailored to the individual student’s interests. 

While administratively based within the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), students may choose to define their Study Plan with emphasis on combinations of traditional engineering areas (like electrical and mechanical), combinations of science and engineering (such as chemistry, biology, and electrical engineering), or combinations of science or engineering with the arts and humanities (like physics and music or electrical engineering and archeology, or computer engineering and theater).

The Major

A student’s Study Plan need not focus on an academic department. Instead, each student will identify a career goal, build a career plan, and define a unique Study Plan. While the program offers great flexibility, it does set some boundaries and constraints. Primarily in the first two years. After the common courses, each student will define a Focus Area that will be the topic of the Senior Thesis, and will take courses that provide the necessary depth of knowledge in the general area of choice.

Unique Features of this Program

  • Faculty Mentors work closely with students to find the appropriate courses and thesis topics, so that the students can pursue their won individual career interests and goals.
  • Graduates of the BS-IDE program will be prepared to make significant contributions to society by addressing a wide range of interdisciplinary problems. They will be valuable, and likely assume a leadership role, in industries that are increasingly interdisciplinary.
  • The program is maintained at an honors-level and will accept only highly qualified students and retain only those who maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

Course Work Required for Interdisciplinary Engineering

In order to satisfy University, College and Departmental requirements, BS-IDE students are required to complete coursework in the math, science, engineering, arts, enrichment and focus areas. A total of 127 credits are required for graduation. Each student’s sequence of courses will vary according to credits taken in high school, ability level, individual preference and career goals. Additional program requirements may apply based on student’s interests and career goals:

  • Pre-medical students will take an additional course in English, plus two semesters of Organic Chemistry with laboratories.
  • Students who expect to continue in law or business will likely take undergraduate courses that give the BS-IDE students some preparation for study beyond the BS-IDE degree.

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