Biomedical Engineering Sample Curriculum for Industry-Oriented Graduates

The exact chronological order of the courses depends on AP credits, summer courses, choice of electives, and number of credits per semester. Thus, different students will take some courses in different chronological order. 

Below is a typical schedule, shown as an example of the chronological order, not as a fixed course schedule for all students. However, some courses are essential prerequisites for more advanced courses.

Note: Specific recommendations are italicized below.

Freshman Year

Semester OneCreditsSemester 2Credits
CHEM 1110/1115 General Chemistry I/Lab4CHEM 1120/1640 General Chemistry II/Lab4
MATH 1510 Calculus I4MATH 2530 Calculus II4
BIOL 1040 Biology I4BIOL 1060 Biology II4
ENGL 1900 Adv. Rhetoric3PHYS 1610/1620 Engineering Physics I/Lab4
BME 1000 BME Orientation1BME 1010 BME Introduction1
 16 17

Sophomore Year

Semester 3CreditsSemester 4Credits
BIOL 2600 Human Physiology3THEO 1000 Theological Fnd.3
MATH 2530 Calculus III4MATH 3550 Differential Eq.3
PHYS 1630/1640 Engineering Physics II/Lab4ECE 2001/2002 Electrical & Computer Engineering4
BME 3200 Mechanics3PHYS 3410 Thermodynamics3
BME 2000 BME Computing3MENG 2011 Eng. Shop Pract.1
  BME 3400 Materials Science3
 17  17

Junior Year

Semester 5CreditsSemester 6Credits
ECE 3100 Signals & Systems3PHIL 2050 Ethics3
BME 3300 Transport Fund.3BME 4050 Biomedical Inst.3
ECON 1900 Economics*3BME 4100 Biosignals3
MATH 4880 Prob. & Statistics3MENG 2600 Manufac. Proc.***3
BME 4400 Biomaterials3BME 4200 Biomechanics
BME 3840 Junior Lab
 15 16

Senior Year

Semester 7CreditsSemester 8Credits
BME 4950 Senior Project I3BME 4960 Senior Project II3
IB 2000 International Bus.***3MGMT 2180 Legal/Business***3
BME 4500 Numerical Methods3ENGL 4000 Business & Professional Writing**3
BME 4600 Quantitative Physic I3Cultural Diversity3
Non-technical Elective3BME 4650 Quantitative Physic II3
 15 15

* Satisfies Social/Behavioral Sciences requirement 
** Satisfies Humanities requirement 
***Satisfies BME-Related credits 

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