Rhys James

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Project Overview

Founder Rhys James is recently in the process of designing a blood vessel optimization dissection device termed “ROVEC”. Due to the difficulty of slicing portions of mouse blood vessels, namely the Carotid, the “ROVEC” will be the solution while integrating precision and accuracy along with user friendliness interface.


The ROVEC device is a mechanical design that will refine lab methods of cutting mouse carotid arteries into rings. The device is based upon ergonomical use as well as accuracy in cutting the vessel rings. All four modules will work in conjunction to one another and the rings sliced will accurate to any desired measurement. This device will be user friendly as well as to reduce the learning curve of slicing mouse carotid artery rings by lab technicians or students.


  • Slice mouse carotid artery into rings (any desired measurement in micrometer length [50μm,100 μm, and 200μm])
  • 4 modules working in conjunction with each other (making the device functional)
  • Improvement of past methods by a comparison test of accurate and precision in measurement of sliced mouse carotid artery rings