Movement Assistance Technology and Engineering (MATE)

Movement Assistance Technology and Engineering (MATE)


Brandon Coventry
Electrical Engineering


Elizabeth Honigfort
Electrical & Computer Engineering


Caroline Seroka
Biomedical Engineering´╗┐



Roobik Gharabag, Ph.D.

Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D.

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Parkinson’s Fine Motor Skills Assistance

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the brain that leads to tremors and difficulty with coordinated movement. This project follows the development of a device that would assist people experiencing tremors with the fine motor skills required for actions such as eating to lower their dependence on caregivers. The device will be held in the hand and has a pouch that a spoon or fork can be easily inserted into. It will neutralize the tremors emanating from the hand and allow the object to be held steadily enough for the person to feed themselves.