3-D Printed Robotic Manipulator

3-D Printed Robotic Manipulator


Deanna Jacobson, Computer Engineering
Brenda Martinez, Biomedical Engineering
Pablo G. Polanco, Biomedical Engineering


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Kyle Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer & Electrical Engineering

This 3-D printed bionic arm will manipulate real world objects by allowing the arm to interact with a human designed environment. 3-D printing technology will be utilized to fabricate several parts of the arm. Application of microcontrollers and motors will be critical in determining efficient task performance of the arm. By creating an arm that will be able to grab an object, pinch an object, and press buttons, advanced technology will be implemented to its full potential to create a robotic manipulator that will perform the aforementioned tasks with ease. Unlike other bionic arms, this particular project will incorporate a unique touch to each aspect of its design. By developing a complex but functional bionic arm using a 3-D printer for fabrication and the best suited electrical systems for optimal efficiency, the final product will offer practical use that could be used in various fields.