Device for Electrical Stimulation of Live Nerve Cells

Device for Electrical Stimulation of Live Nerve Cells


Duaa Alrufaihi, Biomedical Engineering
Faiez Bugis, Biomedical Engineering
Molly Connelly, Biomedical Engineering
Daniel Olert, Biomedical Engineering


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

The purpose of this device for electrical stimulation of live nerve cells is to stimulate nerve outgrowth in nerve cells. This device will be able to stimulate cells for research in addition to advancing understanding of neuropathological diseases such as Parkinson’s. This is a second generation project and last year’s design group created a device that maintains sterility, supports cell life, and will not harm the cells when stimulated. However, the first generation group did not have time to properly test the project with live cells. Some of the problems that were solved by our group include finding the optimal current and time ratio along with automating this process using a computer program. The computer program has different settings to select so that the cells can be stimulated at different currents and for different lengths of time.