Electrospun Arsenic Water Filter

Electrospun Arsenic Water Filter


Erin Canning, Biomedical Engineering
Aman Jain, Biomedical Engineering
Sawyer Matzke, Biomedical Engineering
Prarak Patel, Biomedical Engineering
Kristen Polito, Biomedical Engineering


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

There are many people in developing countries who suffer from drinking polluted water but have no way to create or pay for a filter that can remove the contaminants. This basic human need for water in large areas of the world creates a subsequent need for a proper filtering device. Existing filters are fairly useful, but often cost too much and are too heavy to easily transport. Our Electrospun Arsenic Water Filter decreases the concentration of arsenic while maintaining a low, affordable cost. A doping agent with a high binding affinity for arsenic is integrated into the electrospun fibers. Polystyrene, the polymer used to form the fibrous filter, is readily available worldwide in the form of soda bottles. This device has the potential to make potable water more readily available to those who are most in need of it around the world.