Electrospun Mosquito Trap

Electrospun Mosquito Trap


Jessica Conner, Biomedical Engineering
Zach Blattel, Biomedical Engineering
Chris Eberlin, Biomedical Engineering
Jamie Schweikart, Biomedical Engineering 


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Mosquito borne illnesses are deadly and a worldwide issue. While effective mosquito traps exist, they are far too expensive for developing countries. The goal of this project is to create a low cost mosquito trap using electrospinning technology as the fabrication platform. We chose polystyrene as our electrospinning material due to its low cost and sustainability. Our tubular geometry creates a high surface area that funnels into the base of the trap, where a mosquito attractant sits. The highly porous nature of the electrospun structure is designed to entangle and ultimately kill the insects.