Muscle Activity Tracking Group 2

Muscle Activity Tracking Group 2


Andrew Chow, Biomedical Engineering
Aaron Memar, Biomedical Engineering
Caitlin Temme, Biomedical Engineering


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

The purpose of this report is to propose a muscle tracking sleeve to monitor and collect data on leg muscle activity. In order to maximize rehabilitation or achieve fitness goals, a system to detect a person’s musculature strength and firing pattern is necessary. Targeting specific muscles, and tracking its progress, allows for better rehabilitation or development of muscles the user wants to focus on by providing the ability to quantify muscle development. This system will include two compression sleeves embedded with EMG textile electrodes at three points, two reference points and one ground point, to monitor activity from the tendon to the motor point. There will be two compression sleeves to allow comparison of output between the right and left upper leg.