Power in Motion

Power in Motion


Mohammed Al Arifi, Electrical Engineering
Sara Fasching, Electrical Engineering
Anirudh Guduru, Biomedical Engineering
Jie’an Lou, Electrical Engineering
Camilo Rivera, Electrical Engineering


Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Kyle Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The goal of our product is to develop a power generator that can be used by a variety of different audiences for various applications. The premise of our product is to make a portable, renewable power source that utilizes solar and kinetic energy to create electricity to charge a small electronic device. Our product will be lightweight and adaptable, easily attached to any backpack or lunchbox, by being stand-alone while still harnessing power. The intended audience is travelers, outdoorsmen, hikers, students, and people in developing countries who do not have a source of constant electricity. The solar panels and kinetic source will be working throughout the day as a person moves about, charging the power pack, which can then be used to charge a cell phone, tablet, or other small electronic device. Since the power will be delivered through the use of USB ports, the applications of this product are limitless.