A Biologically Mechanically Integrated Tissue Culture Environment

A Biologically Mechanically Integrated Tissue Culture Environment


Jennifer Aleshire
Qudsia Haque
Scott Hardouin
Ben Riordan



Dr. David W. Barnett

Autologous tissue constructs minimize infection and subsequent rejection by a patient’s immune system. Bioreactors are a valuable asset in creating such grafts because they provide a controlled environment that is conducive to cell proliferation and viability. The BioMITE (Biologically and Mechanically Integrated Tissue Culture Environment) integrates several design features that amalgamate to produce a closed system capable of generating tissue replacements. Highlights of the bioreactor include: a sterile inner chamber, a motor capable of providing 2mm cyclic mechanical stimulation, ports for gas and media exchange, as well as easy setup and removal from the incubator. Results reveal that the prototype is sterile and biocompatible, which is important for tissue survival. The BioMITE is an important step towards realizing the goal of creating engineered tissue replacements using cells derived directly from the patient.