Primatech: Polyethylene Glycol Printing

Primatech: Polyethylene Glycol Printing


Mike Rathbone
Joe Gonzales
Corey Bradbury


Dr. David W. Barnett

Inkjet printing technology can provide the basis for polymer printing techniques which could replace traditional photo lithography for polymer scaffold formation. Using a 10% polyethylene glycol (PEG) solution, a custom user interface within Adobe Illustrator, and a modified Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer, a custom image was applied to a Thermanox plastic cover slip. Droplet sizes as small as 20μm were achieved, however, to form continuous lines, a thicker lane applied via over-printing techniques was utilized. To overcome cohesive forces of the PEG solution that was limiting results, several treatments were examined. Continuous cross-linking of acrylated polyethylene glycol during repeated over-printing cycles yielded continuous lane formation and prevented surface tension from affecting the pattern.