Civil Engineering Department

A future focused degree, emphasizing areas in sustainability, infrastructure and transportation.

At Saint Louis University, we are developing a new and innovative Civil Engineering program that is future focused – incorporating the latest trends in the Civil Engineering to address the current and future needs of the profession and our society.  

Our graduates will be well prepared to enter professional practice and will have the comprehensive skill set and leadership background needed to address society’s needs at local, regional, and global scales. The Civil Engineering curriculum emphasizes professional practice preparation using project-based, hands-on learning methods. 

The Civil Engineering degree program includes three primary focus areas: 

  • Green design and sustainability engineering
  • Infrastructure design, evaluation, and restoration
  • Transportation planning, analysis, and design

Students who graduate with a civil engineering degree from Parks College become problem solvers. Each year, our newest graduates address issues surrounding energy, pollution, traffic, water, aging infrastructure, urban redevelopment and others as professionals at engineering firms, environmental organizations, transportation companies, state agencies and in the federal government.

In a future where sustainability and quality of life become even more critical, Parks College civil engineers will be making the designs and plans, and engineering the efficiencies and breakthroughs that will lessen the impact of a growing population on the planet and on our communities.

If you earn a civil engineering degree from SLU’s Parks College, you’ve done hands-on laboratory work since your freshman year. That makes you more attractive as a candidate for internships and employment. Our civil engineering students also take advantage of a low student-to-faculty ratio and mentorship opportunities, and have the option of pursuing a master’s of sustainability—currently only offered by a few institutions in the nation.

Staying Connected with Alumni

After graduation, we like to stay in touch with our alumni.  If you are a Saint Louis University Civil Engineering graduate, please take a few moments to rate how our curriculum prepared you for your career.  This information will be used for accreditation purposes and continuous quality improvement. Participation in the survey will help us to make the programs better for current and future students.

For the alumni of Civil Engineering, please complete a survey by clicking the following link:  ALUMNI SURVEY