Careers with a Civil Engineering Degree

Find out What Job Opportunities Await You after Graduating Parks College with a Civil Engineering Degree

Students who graduate from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Aviation, Engineering and Technology with a civil engineering degree have a wide variety of interesting career paths ready for them. Here is just a sample of possible careers (both traditional and cutting edge):

Bridge Engineers

civil-engineeringEver wonder who masterminded that major metropolitan bridge near you? It was likely a bridge engineer, and it’s also likely that this person (or group of professionals) had a civil engineering degree.

Bridge engineers use their civil engineering schooling to help people across the globe cross over challenging terrain by conceptualizing the perfect bridges to bypass valleys, rivers and roadways. These building professionals are often able to plan and oversee the construction of a variety of bridges, including (but not limited to) suspension, cable and truss bridges.

Upon receiving your degree in civil engineering from SLU’s Parks College, you can become involved in bridge engineering and construction by pursuing employment with private construction or architectural firms, government, or even exploring the option of becoming an independent civil engineering contractor or consultant.

Highway Engineers

This exciting career path offers graduates with a civil engineering degree a central role in the planning, design and construction of the nation’s roadways. This specialization in the industry of civil engineering plays a critical role in most people’s daily lives.
Highway engineers must design roadways with traffic congestion, environmental regulations and safety for millions of drivers all top of mind.

Pollution Control Engineer

This is a career path for the civil engineering graduate with an interest in environmental conservation and sustainability. These engineering professionals are responsible for such critical tasks as determining a proposed new factory’s effect on the environment.

Parks College offers the perfect undergraduate education for those interested in combining traditional civil engineering skills with cutting-edge, 21st century environmental knowledge.

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