Civil Engineering Undergraduate Degrees

The department focuses on the current and future needs of society on regional and global scales.


Civil engineers plan, design and maintain bridges, dams, eco-friendly buildings and the roads we drive on every day. Most civil engineering graduates choose careers in sub-disciplines of the field such as environmental, structural, geotechnical or transportation engineering.

The civil engineering program at Parks College prepares students to enter professional practice or academia with the goal of helping to serve the needs of humanity. It’s an innovative and future-focused civil engineering degree program introducing computer-aided design and other state-of-the-art-computational techniques during the freshman year and throughout the curriculum.

Our graduates are distinguished from traditional civil engineering students by their well-rounded education, which addresses the broad needs of engineering and society, including topics in project management, urban planning, regulations, zoning and the incorporation of sustainability principles in civil engineering design.

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from SLU’s Parks College will be in an industry that contributes over $200 billion annually to the economy. And businesses, governments and non-profits looking to address the current and future challenges of a growing population will turn to civil engineers for tomorrow’s solutions today. ´╗┐

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