Why Parks College for a Civil Engineering Degree?

How a Civil Engineering Degree from SLU’s Parks College Will Put You at the Fore of the Latest Industry Trends

experience-parks-collegeSaint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology offers a well-rounded civil engineering degree focused on integrating principles of sustainability.

  • A Perfectly Engineered Foundation of Knowledge – Our civil engineering curriculum is designed in accordance with the Engineering Accreditation Commission and the American Society of Civil Engineers. It teaches graphics, mechanics of solids, fluid sciences, vibrations, and electronics and prepares students to take the Fundamentals in Engineering (FE) exam administered by the National Society of Professional Engineers.
  • A Future-Focused Degree - A civil engineering degree from SLU’s Parks College prepares students for the next wave of civil engineering needs, with an emphasis on computer and hands-on lab work as early as freshman year. And our curriculum’s inclusion of sustainability best practices in the coursework gives Parks College graduates the skills and the capacity for innovation needed to solve the future’s most pressing problems.
  • Three Primary Focus Areas, All with an Emphasis on Sustainability – Parks College offers three focus areas for students to consider pursuing deeper: Green design and sustainability engineering; Infrastructure design, evaluation, and restoration; and Transportation planning, analysis, and design. Students can eventually specialize even further in such areas as smart structures, smart transportation, structural design and analysis, and green engineering.
  • SLU Institutions - SLU’s Center for Sustainability & Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Jesuit Values Applied to Civil Engineering – As problem solvers who take on a range of complex modern environmental and engineering challenges, civil engineers don’t work in a vacuum. Success on this scale means working with teams and having a big-picture understanding of society as a whole. In keeping with the Jesuit tradition of developing the whole person, our civil engineering curriculum includes liberal arts coursework that provides future engineers with classes in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. This core curriculum helps provide Parks College civil engineers with the ethical decision making abilities and communication tools to make the most out of their careers, as well as the societal context needed to make engineering projects as successful, useful and innovative as possible.

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