The Future of Civil Engineering

How the Parks College Civil Engineering Major Prepares You for Industry Success in the 21st Century

Civil engineering has been around for thousands of years, and needless to say, there have been some enormous advancement in the industry. At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, civil engineering majors get an educational experience rooted in pushing this millennia-old industry to new and exciting frontiers.

What Are Some of the New Studies Covered in a Civil Engineering Major?

SLU’s Parks College civil engineering majors are unique because no matter which of the five degree specializations a student chooses, all are centered on the ideal of sustainable engineering, an educational aspect exclusive to the SLU program.

Today, civil engineers are required not just to have an intimate understanding of the traditional designing and planning aspect of the industry, but also the environmental impact of any project, from new highways to engineering the next major skyscraper. This new focus on creating civil engineering projects that are mindful of the surrounding environments and its inhabitants is more important than ever before at a local, regional, national and global scale.

To address this growing industry trend, Parks College requires civil engineering majors take multiple engineering classes that are environmentally centered, such as environmental engineering courses, geotechnical engineering classes and more.

What Projects Will Civil Engineering Majors be working on in the Future?

Civil engineering majors are in high demand with construction companies, government agencies and traditional infrastructure and transportation-related firms. But sustainability-focused civil engineers are likely to become more sought-after in the years to come. These jobs range from environmental engineering responsibilities like pollution control for factories, to developing more energy-efficient infrastructure.

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