Civil Engineering Degrees in Today's Sustainability-Focused World

Going "Green" in Civil Engineering is a Huge Advantage for Today's Parks College Students


At Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, students are exposed to a future-focused civil engineering degree program that offers the environmental education needed for success in the modern civil engineering job market.

Why Has Sustainability Become Such an Increasingly Significant Part of a Civil Engineering Degree?

The civil engineering industry is pushing itself (now more than ever before) to meet the challenge of designing, planning and constructing projects in ways that avoid negative results to the surrounding environment.

Those funding civil engineering projects (whether a government body or private institution) are increasingly demanding that their projects (whether a new bridge, skyscraper, etc.) not affect the surrounding environment negatively. This makes civil engineers with sustainability knowledge very marketable.

Discover a Civil Engineering Degree Steeped in Sustainability

While pursuing an undergraduate major in civil engineering, Parks College students have the advantage of working with SLU’s Center for Sustainability. This unique opportunity is available to students interested in green engineering helping them to apply environmentally friendly principles to their civil engineering curriculum.

For those civil engineering students looking to further their knowledge of how sustainability can be incorporated into engineering, Parks College has partnered with other SLU departments to offer the Master of Science in Sustainability.

Attend Parks College for a Civil Engineering Degree Focused On Making the Future Sustainable

Parks College is the place to be for students interested in pursuing an undergraduate civil engineering major. Apply today.