Electrical and Computer Engineering Career Opportunities


As technology alters every facet of our lives, computer specialists and engineers are more in demand than ever. In fact, electrical and computer engineering is one of the fastest growing career fields. According to the 2012-2013 PayScale College Salary Report, the median starting pay for electrical and/or computer engineering bachelor’s degree holders is $62,700 - $63,400 annually.

As an electrical or computer engineer, there are a variety of career paths open to you including industrial or consulting positions, graduate school and professional schools such as law, business administration or even medicine. 

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering students at Parks College learn the fundamentals behind modern electronic gadgets. They study electrical engineering from basic principles to analysis and design of circuitry behind smart phones, robots, satellites and consumer electronics. Starting their freshman year, students get to spend a great deal of time experimenting in our high-tech labs. Our program emphasizes applying knowledge to real-world problems, so classroom instruction is complemented with hands-on lab experience.

Our graduates have found employment at such companies as Boeing, Rockwell, US Air Force, Tellabs, Emerson Electric, Southwestern Bell and General Motors.

Computer Engineering

Our Computer Engineering students study the fundamentals of computer system design, which involves hardware, software and the interaction of the two. Students are able to specialize in areas including writing software and firmware for embedded micro-controllers or designing VLSI chips, analog sensors, mixed signal circuit boards or operating systems. Computer engineering students are also prepared for robotics research, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems such as motors, communication systems and sensors.

Our graduates have found employment at such companies as Samsung Electric, Texas Instruments, Intel, Garmin, Sega Inc., Boeing, Rockwell, Falcon Air, Department of Defense, US Air Force, Tellabs, Emerson Electric, AT&T, General Motors and many others.