Electrical Engineering (Bio-Electronics) Careers

Learn about the jobs open to graduates with an electrical engineering degree that specializes in bio-electronics.

bioelectronics careers

This specialized type of electrical engineering degree combines educational coursework from electrical and biomedical engineering departments, therefore preparing graduates for success in specific health care careers in addition to helping students looking to attend medical school.

Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology students have the chance to pursue an electrical engineering degree with a bio-electronics concentration in order to pursue these rewarding careers in the these positions and beyond:

Clinical Engineers

This is a far-reaching job title which can translate to different job responsibilities at different medical operations offices. This type of specialized engineer often has the job of maintaining expensive (and unique) medical equipment, doing preventative maintenance on medical machinery or repairing any breakdowns. Professionals with this type of electrical engineering degree also know how to keep medical machinery safe for patients and staff.

Medical Engineers

This is another broad-encompassing career title for those graduating from SLU’s Parks College with a bio-electronics emphasis in their electrical engineering degree. Medical engineers are often the catalyst behind advancing medical equipment technology that, in turn, helps to save more people’s lives. This sort of electrical engineering professional can also assist other health care professionals with conducting research and development that advances the machines used in modern medicine.

Medical Equipment Experts

Students with this sort of specialized degree are often sought-after mentors who provide critical training courses to hospital or other medical staff about how to maintain highly-sophisticated medical machines. Doctors and other highly-trained medical staff rely on these experts to provide them with safety guidance and more.

Get Started on Your Bio-Electronics Electrical Engineering Career Today

If you’re interested in combining an interest in the biomedical field with a traditional electrical engineering education, SLU’s Parks College offers the program that gets you ready for these highly-rewarding positions. Take the first step toward this unique degree in electrical engineering by applying online today.