Careers with a Computer Engineering Degree

Learn more about the various jobs that graduates with a computer engineering degree can obtain.

Careers with a computer engineering degree are as diverse as how computer technology is applied extensively in almost every modern industry. Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology prepares students for success in the computer engineering industry in regards to hardware, software and computer design.

Computer Hardware Engineer

computer engineering careers

As the job title hints at, this type of computer engineer deals exclusively with the physical components of computer systems. Since computer systems are made up of several different elements, these engineers can receive a job specializing in any area of these physical pieces. Hardware engineers often design, develop and/or test computer parts such as monitors, keyboards or mice just to name a few.

Hardware engineers can also be responsible for finding the right set of physical machines to solve a particular problem for a company, non-profit or government organization.

Computer Software Engineer

Software engineering is a very broad title that can have a variety of different responsibilities based on your employer or career level. Since software is essential to making a computer perform the functions a user requires, engineers are in charge of designing/programming software to meet the specific needs of computer systems or electronic products.

Software engineers are responsible for creating computer operating systems, programs that control advanced robotics in manufacturing, as well as entertainment purposes such as video games.

Computer Design Engineer

These are the technology professionals who, after focusing on a computer engineering major in college, go on to develop new ideas from conceptual to completed computer products ready to meet either commercial or business demands. These design-focused computer engineers can often be very influential in new personal computer designs and ensuring innovative ideas become a reality.

Pursue Your Passion for Computing By Attending Parks College for Computer Engineering

By combining a slew of essential computer engineering principles into our degree’s coursework, SLU’s Parks College makes sure its students have the technical skills they need to perform certain tasks, but also the leadership skills that will make them stand out. Apply now to start on this exciting and diverse career path.