Careers with a Degree in Electrical Engineering

Parks College offers an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering that opens graduates to a wide variety of engineering career options.

electrical engineering

A degree in electrical engineering from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology opens the door to a wide range of exciting engineering career paths upon graduation. With a set of courses designed to teach students the skill set needed to overcome real-world electrical engineering problems, SLU’s Parks College emphasizes leadership and problem-solving skills vital to success for those with the following job titles:

Electrical Engineer

This job title is one of the most popular for those graduating with a degree in electrical engineering. The specific job responsibilities can vary tremendously depending on the company or government organization a graduate is employed by. However, electrical engineers are involved in at least one of the following activities: the design, testing, and/or monitoring of sophisticated electrical equipment.

Project Engineer

This electrical engineering career tends to incorporate electrical engineering skills with general, more-universal disciplines learned at Parks College such as small group and leadership skills, in order to ensure the success of a specific electrical project, such as a product or similar initiative. Project engineers often use their technical and human-relations skills to help others in the team overcome problems as they arise, ensuring the electrical project meets timeline and budget goals.

Field Engineer

These electrical engineering professionals spend their time at various work sites solving issues that arise with critical pieces of electrical infrastructure. The students who pursue this electrical engineering work after receiving their degree apply their expertise to oversee electrical repairs if machinery malfunctions, or lead teams that preemptively perform maintenance on equipment.

Get Your Electrical Engineering Career Started at Parks College

At SLU’s Parks College in St. Louis, MO, students develop the technical disciplines essential to success in electrical engineering, while at the same time honing the leadership habits that are known for making Parks College graduates leaders in the industry. Apply to the program online today to get started.