Evolution of Electrical Engineering

Find out what new and exciting career opportunities are available to students graduating with an electrical engineering major.

Upon graduating from Saint Louis University’s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology with an electrical engineering major, students have a more diverse set of career paths to pursue than ever before due to the ever increasing demand for technologically-advanced products in the professional and personal markets.

What Electrical Engineering Programs Used to Be

Prior to the boom in computer technologies in the latter part of the 20th century, traditional electrical engineering studies and careers focused almost exclusively on the study of electricity. Many engineers worked for power companies and advanced technology in regards to energy generation and reliability. Other careers included maintaining/designing manufacturing equipment, which still plays a very important role in today’s career options as well.

Electrical Engineering Programs are Incorporating More Computer Principles

SLU’s Parks College knows that a modern electrical engineering program needs to incorporate computer education in order to prepare students to meet the demand for professionals that understand both disciplines and how to apply electrical and computer engineering skills to modern devices like personal computers, smartphones and advanced medical equipment.

What Students Learn about Electrical Engineering at Parks College

Electrical engineering students at Parks College learn the basics of the discipline and how these principals are applied in the creation of modern innovations such as robotics, integrated circuits and more. They also spend much of their academic hours in state-of-the-art laboratories getting the hands-on experience needed for future successes in their career.

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